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Best Eyelash Extensions in NYC

They say the eyes are the windows of a person’s whole personality. Eyes often declare happy, sad or mischievous disposition. If a person has translucent and beautiful eyes, it adds to his or her demeanor. It therefore pays to enhance the beauty of the eyes. Eyebrow threading and setting are common beauty treatments favored by women. Here we are going to talk about extending the beauty of Eyelash Extensions.

Eyelashes or simply lashes are a group of hair that grows at the rim of the eyelid. Long and lush eyelashes are admired as a sign of beauty in many cultures. Women employ many ways to enhance eyelashes – application of kohl and mascara being the age-old practices followed by many cultures – including by men as well.

Luscious lashes are flirty and sexy. Eyelash extensions or false eyelashes have been around since the beginning of the twentieth century and have been quite popular from the 1960s. While temporary false lashes remain for 1 or 2 days, semi-permanent ones last longer. Extensions are applied with the help of approved adhesives. Lash extensions are recommended for women having thin, short and brittle lashes.

For a pretty and glamorous look, try best eyelash extensions in NYC by trained cosmeticians of Shinny Threading Salon.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow are common beauty treatments done by women, often self-applied at home. While mascara thickens and darkens lashes, and is inexpensive, it sometimes causes allergic reactions in some women. It also looks unnatural and often creates smudges. So what’s the alternative?

Permanent eyelash tinting may be the answer. Tinting is like hair dyeing. Once applied, it lasts four to six weeks and does not need maintenance. It also looks natural.

In addition to regular beauty treatments such as threading, waxing, facial etc, Shinny Threading, your neighbourhood the best salon in NYC, adds two more services that are eyelash extensions and eyelash tinting. We have licensed cosmetologist for both procedures and we use safe materials.

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