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Eyebrow Threading

A shapeless eyebrow threading is the most ungainly sight on a woman’s face, leave aside stray hairs on lips, cheeks and chin. Many women use self-grooming methods such as plucking (or tweezing), hair removal creams and shaving for removal of unwanted facial hair but these are not always safe or perfect techniques.

For instance, plucking can pull only single hairs at a time and will not work on very thin hair. Hair removal creams may have alkaline-based harmful chemicals and the result will only last for a couple of days. Shaving is a temporary method and it creates blunt edges, as thicker stubs will resurface in a day or two.

Then there are other methods such as waxing, sugaring, epilating (using mechanical devices to pull hair), and permanent methods such as laser hair removal and electrolysis, each with its own merits and demerits. But that is a different matter altogether.

So What’s the Alternative?

Threading definitely. Threading is perhaps the most ancient of all beauty treatments. Experts say threading originated in India some 6000 years back. It is painless and the safest, cheapest, easiest and quickest method of removing facial hairs. Threading involves pulling hairs from the root using a twisted cotton or polyester string.

Although threading is used mostly on eyebrow, the procedure can also be used for pulling hair growth from upper and lower lips, cheeks and chin. Threading is the most precise technique as it not only removes the tiniest of hairs, it also gives a definite shape to your eyebrow.

The main advantage is that it will last for at least four to six weeks, saving you frequent parlor visits.

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